The wall frieze: it will become trendy again in 2019!

The wall frieze: it will become trendy again in 2019!

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We thought it was outdated and cheesy. However, the wall frieze returns to the front of the decor scene and stands out as a flagship trend of the year 2019. Discreet, graphic or with realistic patterns, horizontally or vertically, in the basement or in height ... D 'a strip, the wall frieze energizes the space, gives depth to the rooms and highlights the details. We tell you everything to adopt the wall frieze in your interior!

1. A multifunctional decorative asset

© izoa Characterized by a narrow strip, the wall frieze is mostly used for decorative purposes. It is generally placed horizontally on the walls of a room to bring depth and dynamism to the walls. In other words, it is the final touch to a wall decoration. Formerly acclaimed in bourgeois houses, it is now shunned. However, it resurfaces on the front of the decor scene and marks its big return in 2019. It must be said, the use of the wall frieze has changed since Antiquity. Today, she adorns herself with colors and dresses with patterns. There are even some who act as trompe l'oeil… Anyway, the wall frieze upsets the codes and plays it modern when it is placed vertically. But we also appreciate it when it marks the separation of colors on a two-tone wall. And beyond its aesthetics, the wall frieze is useful for delimiting the spaces of an interior. Finally, it is bold and visually increases the height of the wall when it is placed less than 20cm from the ceiling. Conversely, if you have a substantial ceiling height, you can have it at a third of the height of the wall to give a more intimate and cozy atmosphere.

2. For each interior, its type of wall frieze:

© The Mark on the Wall We told you, the wall frieze is not necessarily the opposite of modern decoration. More than ever, it sports trendy patterns and invites itself into the trendiest interiors. Retro prints, graphic lines, trompe-l'oeil effect, childish patterns, wood or metal printing ... There is something for all tastes and all decorative styles! As for the materials, the most common wall friezes are made of adhesive vinyl. And for good reason, there is nothing easier for the installation since it is enough to unroll the frieze and apply it to the desired location. Others require a layer of glue. This is the case with wall friezes in wallpaper or even non-woven models. And for those who want to give depth to the walls, think of decorative coverings in tiles or wood for a wall in relief!

3. A wall decoration but not only!

© Koziel If the decorative frieze creates a sensation on the walls, it can also find a place where you don't expect it. Thus, she elegantly dresses a door or window frame. In the same way, it can highlight a corner or a corner of the room. It can even blend in with the decor and arouse all curiosity when it is adorned with trompe l'oeil patterns. This is the case of this inspiration on which the metallic imitation model gives the impression of being in the bedroom of an atypical loft. But that's not all ! The wall frieze also invests in the furniture and stands out when it is placed on the edge of a fireplace! You understood, there are many possibilities to adopt the wall frieze… All you have to do is choose your preferred option!