How to set up a hive at home and produce your own honey?

How to set up a hive at home and produce your own honey?

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Owning a beehive, making honey ... Is it a new fashion?

It is a widely shared desire that is increasingly confided to us by visitors who come to meet us. The drama experienced by bees today is no stranger to this new hive craze, which is far from being a fashion. I always encourage those nature lovers who understand that saving bees is a fundamental issue for humanity. Having a beehive makes it possible to produce your own honey, a healthy and natural product of course, but above all it is to welcome bees, these pollinators which we so much need.

What is the most favorable region for honey production?

Regardless of the region in which you live, in the countryside or in an urban environment, local flowers have everything you need to make your own honey. You just need to set up a beehive in your garden to learn the basics of beekeeping. The bees will be able thereafter to produce there a good twenty kilos of honey each year. But beware, setting up a beehive at home to produce honey requires time and knowledge of the basics.

What are the precautions to take before setting up a hive at home?

First of all, it is better to be certain that you are not allergic to bee stings! It is then necessary to take note of the regulations in force because one does not install a hive in complete freedom. It is essential to inquire at the town hall because some of them, in addition to national standards, put in place specific prefectural orders. Then, you must contact the Department of Veterinary Services who will assign you a number. You know, the presence of a hive can represent a danger for the person who owns the hive but also for his immediate entourage like the neighbors for example. This is why you must also contact your insurer.

And when these steps are completed, can the installation of the hive begin?

Yes the cohabitation between a colony of foraging bees and you can start thanks to the hive of your garden! Reserve an area sheltered from the weather, by a small hedge for example but without hindering the movement of the bees. Contact the professionals to buy a queen and her bees. Also have the necessary beekeeping equipment like the jumpsuit and the smoker. And adopt an ecological behavior by banning the use of pesticides. If you wish to make plants available to your bees, give preference to the most honey-producing species such as jasmine, lavender, aster, honeysuckle, lilac, pine too.

Can we be assisted by a beekeeper?

Whatever the extent of your passion for beekeeping, if you have never practiced, get help indeed. A beekeeper in your area can tell you where to buy your hive. He can also install it, supervise you, initiate you and be present for the first productions of your own honey. I recommend taking an internship to learn practice and theory. Know-how cannot be invented. Beekeeping is a passion to be shared between professionals and amateurs, and so that everything goes well, it is not done blindly but with the utmost respect for rules and bees.