Which vase for which bouquet of flowers?

Which vase for which bouquet of flowers?

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The golden rule for choosing your vase

You will obviously have to adapt your vase to the size of your bouquet of flowers. Keep this florist tip in mind: the vase you choose must represent around one third of the whole while the flowers represent the other two thirds. In other words: your bouquet should measure twice the height of your vase.

A conical vase

The shape of your vase is essential! Let's start with conical vases. What it is: vases that are wider at the top than at their base. The conical vases will be perfect for wild or romantic bouquets. Opening the vase will give your flowers some freedom. This is all you need for country flowers: cosmos, grasses, daisies, asters, etc. Also think about the big colorful bouquets that will have room to flourish!

For what type of bouquet? A bouquet of daisies will be pleased in a conical vase, and will be highlighted with this form of vase.

A soliflore

As indicated by his name, a soliflore will be perfect for showcasing a flower - even two or three. Adapt the size of the stem to the height of your soliflore. Our practical advice? Think of the soliflore when your bouquet has lost its superb: throw away the damaged flowers and highlight the few survivors in your dashing soliflore.

For what type of bouquet? The soliflore is not suitable for a bouquet of flowers, because of its size. But you can slip in dried flowers from a bouquet.

A cylindrical vase

A cylindrical vase - sometimes called a tube vase - is straight: as wide at the bottom as at the top. The best vase in our opinion for large bouquets of flowers. It is therefore necessary to favor flowers with rigid and long stems for good support and a harmonious shape.

For what type of bouquet? Roses, tulips, hydrangeas and even anemones are welcome.

A ball vase

The ball vases are as their name suggests spherical. The ball vase has a medium size opening and a wider interior, allowing the stems of your bouquet to take their ease while keeping the flowers in place aesthetically. This type of vase is particularly design.

For what type of bouquet? It will be perfectly suited to dahlias, carnations, anemones or lilac. The peonies will also flourish in a ball vase.

And why not a transparent vase?

A transparent vase elegantly welcome bouquets of flowers with large stems. You can opt for all forms of vase for a transparent vase.

For what type of bouquet? Whether roses, tulips or arums, all flowers are suitable for the transparent vase. You can also opt for dried flowers or eucalyptus branches.

What color for my vase?

In terms of the color of vases: everything is possible ! If you are afraid of not knowing how to coordinate an orange vase with flowers that are also colorful, go for simplicity: a pretty beige, a powder pink, a subtle gray will go with everything. Ditto for white or black vases.

However, treat yourself! Choose a color that you like and that will blend in with your decor. Your bouquets of flowers will necessarily go well with.

What material for my vase?

Glass or ceramic vases remain great classics in decoration. They have the advantage of being able to accommodate all types of bouquets of flowers and to blend in with all types of interior decoration.

For a modern touch, choose a concrete or cement vase. For a soft atmosphere, favor bouquets of flowers in pastel shades, to enhance this type of vase.