Before / after: a 70 m² terrace transformed!

Before / after: a 70 m² terrace transformed!

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To transform their roof into an idyllic terrace, the owners of this apartment located in Montreuil called on the landscape designer Jean-Michel Martin. The roof being in co-ownership, part of the work was carried out collectively (securing and installing railings). The project was then carried out in three phases. First the structural work, with the creation of direct access via a staircase and a cabin. Then the laying of the floor and the covering of the walls. Finally, the terrace has been planted and decorated to become a real haven of peace.

The cabin

The apartment is located below the terrace, we installed a spiral staircase to access it directly. To protect this access, the landscaper completely transformed the old local hoist machinery. Fully glazed, the new extension does not cut the space. The glass roof fits perfectly into the decor by bringing a workshop touch to the terrace.



The floor and the walls

The wooden floor of the terrace was made of thermo-modified pine, a process of heating the wood which makes it resistant and rot-proof. Ecological, this technique works on different species and allows the use of European wood instead of exotic wood. In order to secure the space and reduce the feeling of vertigo, the railings were covered with a white canvas. To hide the adjoining terraces, wicker canisses have been installed which also support climbing plants and protect the terrace from the wind.




As the owners wanted to keep as much space as possible, the plants were installed around the terrace. To save wood and protect the plantations from frost, the bins were boxed under the floor and surrounded by pebbles. Most of the pots are rounded, to contrast with the very straight lines of the terrace architecture. In one corner, an olive tree has been planted in a bench tray made of the same wood as the terrace.

The work budget was around € 30,000, without the furniture. The interior designer and landscaping firm Créateurs d'Intérieur is also present in Lyon, Marseille, Aix en Provence, Montpellier, Nîmes, Toulouse and Nantes.


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