Wool and the Gang and Plumen: the return of the macramé

Wool and the Gang and Plumen: the return of the macramé

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The collaboration of Plumen and Wool and the Gang marks the return of macramé in our interiors. The brand of stylish bulbs and lights is associated with the website selling knitting and crochet kits. From this union are born three models of pendant lights. Hanging above your dining table, on the ceiling of your bedroom, or even in your hallway, they will revive with panache a forgotten fashion from the 70s.

The choice of colors

Each of the three lampshades from this collaboration was designed to attach to the "Baby 001" bulb from Plumen and is made by hand, without needle or hook, with the balls of jersey from Wool and the Gang. A kit, accessible to beginners, which will allow you to make the model of your choice with the suspension and the color of wool you prefer.

The "Lights out" model, € 94

Three different models, one bohemian style

If you want to add a homemade and bohemian touch to your interior, all you have to do is choose between the three models offered by the collaboration between Plumen and Wool and the Gang. For a Berber tent atmosphere, opt for the "Shine A" and its long pompom. For a more classic and chic effect, choose the "Ray of Light". Finally, if you want a romantic and subdued atmosphere, you can not go wrong with the "Lights Out".

The "Ray of light" model, € 94

An eco-responsible kit

Wool and the Gang "wool" jersey is created from scraps of fabric recovered from the factory. The Baby 001 bulb from Plumen is in the "A" category for energy consumption. In addition to resuscitating the macramé and giving you the opportunity to let your desires for manual work speak, this collaboration between the two brands is eco-responsible.

The "Shine A" model, € 94 Sources: Plumen and Wool and the Gang