5 tips for serving soup like on Pinterest

5 tips for serving soup like on Pinterest

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Each winter, the trend is confirmed even more: soup has never been so trendy. But if the new recipes make us want to put ourselves in the kitchen to cook beautiful organic vegetables, it is out of the question to bring out the tureen of grandmother! From now on, soup time is also 100% decorative!

We replace the soup tureen with a salad bowl

Too bulky, Mamie's soup tureen can therefore stay in the cupboard, because your soups are so good that they will be swallowed up before they have even had time to cool. A beautiful simple bowl will do the trick. We chose it as sober as possible to highlight the soup, which must now be seen and admired before being tasted! Otherwise, the soup is served directly in a beautiful cast iron casserole dish, or in the very hot pan!

No more tureen!

We replace the soup plates with cups

To break the traditional codes, we also forget the large soup plates, and we serve our evening soup in cups, mugs or small bowls. The soup can thus be enjoyed as a hot drink, by warming your hands while enjoying the benefits of this beneficial drink. And when the body language changes, even the taste changes…

Would you like a cup of soup?

We take out his enamel cups

On the other hand, if your great-aunt has bequeathed her collection of enamel cups to you, it's time to take them out to serve a delicious butternut soup, a parsnip soup or a sweet potato soup. And don't forget to take a picture of them, you'll be the envy of social media!

A very nice soup found on the blog Émilie Murmure

We serve the soup in a jar

Symbol of healthy food and homemade recipes, the jars are also invited on the table to serve the soup. Small individual jars or large jar as a soup tureen, the main thing is that the soup is tasty ... and beautiful to see!

A beautiful ultra decorative idea!

We play transparency effects

Besides, as the pleasure of soup in winter is also due to its magnificent orange, yellow, green or beet red colors, all transparent containers can be used to serve the soup. What if we presented the soup in glasses? In verrines?

Yum !

Add photogenic ingredients

In the kitchen as in decoration, everything is played in the details. So before serving, add to the bowls a few ingredients that are as beautiful as they are good: a parsley leaf, some pan-fried squash seeds, crushed hazelnuts, sprouted seeds, fresh pomegranate seeds, a drizzle of cream, onions caramelized, a pinch of turmeric, tofu cubes, a piece of crumbled feta ... The soup must be beautiful to look at!

Beautiful and good!

We prepare homemade croutons

And to please Granny and the little gourmets, we also think of preparing some homemade croutons. Just cut a baguette into cubes, brush them with a mixture of olive oil, garlic and aromatic herbs, then let them cook on the baking sheet for ten minutes. So, this soup?

With homemade croutons, even children can make soup!