How to arrange a bedroom in your living room?

How to arrange a bedroom in your living room?

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Small spaces have their own problems. For example, how do you get a room when you don't have a room for it? A decorative challenge that we want to take up! Here are our decorating tips for arranging a bedroom in a living room, and sleeping comfortably.

Arrange a bedroom behind the living room curtains

Whether your living room is studied to the nearest millimeter or more airy, there is a simple and quick trick to create a cozy bedroom space: the installation of curtains. In two seconds, the curtains are drawn, your bed appears or, on the contrary, it disappears from the decor. You can opt for neutral and light curtains to maintain the brightness of the room while promoting your sleep. But if you want to create a cocoon isolated from the living room, bet on more opaque and thick fabric. You will get an intimate haven that you can easily hide during the day. You will be able to sleep on your two ears in a cozy living room.

The trick here to create a bedroom space in the living room is to add gray linen curtains. Perfect for playing with light and opening or closing the space as you wish.

Sleep in the living room behind a screen

Are you looking to redefine the space of your living room to install a bedroom area but without breaking the walls or drilling them? The solution: the screen. This decorative accessory not only allows you to add a partition to your bedroom space, but it also lets in enough light to not feel like a pocket square. The screen also remains the ideal solution to rethink your room as you wish. Nothing prevents you from changing everything after a few months and rearranging the layout of the room for more comfort.

The screen is a nice way to create a private bedroom area in the living room. It remains elegant. Please note: we will have to stay very organized.

Install Japanese panels in the living room

Whether to play on the volumes of the room, to define the space of your bed or to add cachet, opt for Japanese panels. You will be able to arrange a cozy and quiet room in your living room. To optimize the room even more, transform your panels into light sliding doors to ventilate the bedroom space as you wish. A subtle way to play with the volumes and the brightness of your interior.

Compartmentalize your living room space with neutral Japanese panels. Perfect for a soothing atmosphere for your bedroom area.

Create a bedroom area with a mezzanine in the living room

We often tend to forget it, but do not hesitate to take advantage of the high ceilings to create a bedroom space using a mezzanine if your living room allows it. It is the perfect D system to increase the surface of your interior while saving space in your living room. And all without much effort. Result: you get a quiet bedroom area and an airy living room. 2 in 1, who says better?

Play with the living room volumes like here with a loft bed. Do not be afraid to dare pop colors, like here with orange to enlarge the space.

A sofa by day and a cozy bed by night

The sofa bed remains a safe bet to create a sleeping area in your living room. Indeed, the convertible sofa has the advantage of integrating perfectly into the living room and not taking up space. In addition, you can transform your living room into a bedroom in seconds. But we grant you that having to make and break your bed every day can demotivate you. It is then possible to opt for a fold-away wardrobe. The bedding stays in place, the bed disappears during the day against the wall and unfolds at night for quality sleep. Magic.

This contemporary sofa bed makes it easy to optimize the living room space. As here, just add a few cozy cushions and voila.

Partition the living room for a discreet bedroom space

Simple and effective, many original decorating ideas exist to partition the space of your living room and thus create a bed corner discreetly. We think for example of the use of furniture to delimit the room: a pretty library, a shelf or even a dressing room will do the trick. You choose if you want to separate your room from floor to ceiling for more privacy or halfway up to keep a cozy corner more open and bright. Also remember to partition and arrange your bedroom space according to the living room windows.

A simple decor idea to reproduce to partition your living room while letting the light pass. Perfect for displaying your most beautiful dresses.

Bet on indoor plants for your bedroom space

Finally, to add cachet to your bedroom space in your living room: green plants. Cacti, hanging plants, on furniture or on the ground ... You have carte blanche. Indoor plants will not only bring personality to the decor of your room, but above all they will create an original and intimate bedroom area. You now have all the cards in hand to create a sleeping area in the heart of your living room without skimping on the decor ... And get up on the right foot!

An airy and original decoration to define your bedroom space. Green plants create a nice contrast in this interior with neutral tones.