Tiles-Parquets: a wide range of tiles and parquet for all budgets

Tiles-Parquets: a wide range of tiles and parquet for all budgets

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Founded 4 years ago, the company Carrelages-Parquets in the Val d'Oise specializes in tiles, parquet, earthenware and mosaics, presented in two showrooms on 200 m2.

Over a thousand references available

Direction northwest of Paris, in Herblay, near the Patte d'Oie commercial area, where Amanallah Khallouf, manager of the company, offers 1,500 samples of tiles, 100 references of parquet, 200 models of mosaic and as many earthenware. "Decoration has always been my passion. I started here with a small room, we have since grown from 75 m2 to 200 m2".

Parquet, another flagship product

If tiles are popular, parquet is also very fashionable, and in particular the parquet effect, which represents 30% of its sales. "The difference from the real is minimal". Amanallah Khallouf offers laminate parquet and will offer solid wood from March. Customers can equip the entire house: tiling in the bathroom, living room, kitchen and parquet in the bedrooms. And even patio tiles on studs.

Very competitive prices

"From 30 to 40% cheaper than the competition". Amanallah Khallouf can now negotiate prices with his suppliers. He regularly visits factories abroad, nearly 700 between Spain and Italy. Customers know this and come from far away (Brittany, South of France) because certain references such as checkerboard tiles very sought after by restaurants are rare in shops.

With its wide choice of products, very short delivery times, and low prices, the company Carrelages-Parquets is a key address in Île-de-France. Contact : Carrelages-Parquets 5, rue Lavoisier 95220 Herblay Tel: 06 23 82 08 59 or 07 81 22 74 59 [email protected]