Good ideas for a cozy bathroom in winter

Good ideas for a cozy bathroom in winter

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In winter, you want your bathroom more than ever to be warm and welcoming. If in summer we are satisfied with a hammam sheet and a green plant for the beach atmosphere, we rather want during the cold season a cozy cocoon. A place that makes you want to get up in the morning to start the day off right, and a room where you can unwind and relax in the evening. Here's how to make your bathroom your favorite place in winter!

Make way for heat!

Nothing worse in winter than setting foot in the morning on an icy tile, taking off your pajamas while shivering to get in the shower and being cold when getting out of the water. If there is one room in the house that needs a few more degrees, it is the bathroom! Start by checking your insulation: if drafts pass around the window, seal the days by applying adhesive rubber or foam seals. If your heating is insufficient, why not add a backup electric heater, radiant heating or, better yet, a fan heater? Inexpensive, such a device will bring a soft feeling of hot air in the bathroom. And if you are planning more major renovations, consider underfloor heating which will free you from the nightmare of cold tiles!

In a bathroom, every degree counts!

Smart accessories for a warm bathroom

Beyond the air temperature, the feeling of comfort is also linked to the cozy and welcoming aspects of the bathroom. Thick carpets, fluffy terry towels, a wraparound bathrobe and a cotton shower curtain that doesn't stick to you also help you feel good. As for the heated wall towel rack, this is a must for a very warm bath towel after showering! Do not hesitate to choose warm and deep colors for your bath linen and the decoration of the room. You can thus distinguish your summer linen, light in pastel or tart colors, from your winter linen, heavier (600g / m2 for more softness and optimal absorption), by daring to muted shades like mole, burgundy or fir green. Creating a comfortable atmosphere in the bathroom in winter is also freeing yourself from these small daily inconveniences such as limescale which clogs the shower head or condensation which prevents you from combing your hair or applying make-up. of the bath. Scrub the pommel with vinegar or lemon or change it if necessary, preferably opting for an extra large model with a waterfall effect perfect for relaxing in the evening. Invest in an anti-fog heating film for your mirror: placed on the back, it is invisible and will save you precious time every morning!

Quality bath linen is essential

Little touches to warm up the atmosphere

Finally, to perfect the welcoming atmosphere of your bathroom in winter, nothing like little details taken care of to make you feel good. You will enjoy it every day, as will all the other members of the family who will just as much enjoy taking care of them in a cozy setting. Choose lighting with a dimmer to adjust the light. You will be able to choose between a subdued atmosphere for a relaxing bath or high-performance lighting to make up without smearing! If you love music, why not consider an audio system suitable for the bathroom to enjoy your favorite albums and playlists in the shower? You can opt for a station for a smartphone or digital music player, for speakers connected to a computer located in another room via WiFi or Bluetooth, or even for speakers directly built into the walls (provided you carry out some work and connections ). Finally, make the room even more cozy with a few scented candles and a welcoming decor: large baskets to accommodate cosmetics, pretty retro mirrors for a boudoir style, salts or bath balls that deliver a delicately scented foam ... Everything for easily create a unique moment of relaxation, at home and every day until the arrival of summer!

Create a haven of peace to relax