The new Vista Alegre tableware collection by Marcel Wanders

The new Vista Alegre tableware collection by Marcel Wanders

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In this spring of 2016, the specialist in high-end and functional handcrafted crystal and porcelain Vista Alegre joins forces with the icon of Dutch design Marcel Wanders to create the very natural Blue Ming collection. A complete set of elegant, refined pieces suitable for all uses that takes up the codes of the traditional Dutch Delft blue while bringing a touch of modernity. Spotlight on these little beauties to adopt!

Blue Ming: a vibrant tribute to Delftware

Inspired by the blue decorations on a white background of the iconic Delftware, more commonly known as Delft Blue, this new collection of symmetrical pieces with sculptural elements consists of a table service, a tea and coffee service , a tureen with a candlestick, a vase and decorative elements. Small everyday accessories resolutely in tune with the times that brilliantly combine practical mission and aesthetic dimension.

A versatile collection

The originality of the Blue Ming collection: some pieces are very versatile. This is the case of the vase which, once its lid removed, turns into a practical small bowl or the candle holder which can also be used to hold a flower. Fearfully clever!


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