Tutorial: make a trompe l'oeil box with an old book

Tutorial: make a trompe l'oeil box with an old book

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We were all one day intrigued by a trompe l'oeil. And when we also love pretty books, what could be better than making a hidden box in the form of a book? Hide your valuables discreetly in the library. A poetic, economical and practical tutorial, to hide all your secrets away from prying eyes.


- a fairly thick old book - liquid glue - a paint brush - a cutter - pliers - a ruler - a pencil

Time: 4 hours Budget: 10 euros


1. Start by locating the first sheet of your book. To make your box strong, don't cut any of these pages. Place your forceps to hold them on the cover.

2. Draw the cutout lines on your book, which will form your arrangement. Leave at least 2 cm wide around the edges.

3. Cut the pages with a cutter, sheets by sheets, following your marked marks.

4. Leave the last sheet without cutting. You get a book with a storage hole.

5. Apply glue along the edge of the cut pages, inside the hole formed, to hold the pages together. Then let it dry.

6. For beautiful finishes, glue pieces of paper to hide the marks or uneven cuts in your book.

7. Paste the last page to the cut pages, to create a background. Be careful not to put glue in the middle of the page!

8. Fold and paste the page preceding the cut pages. Then incise it with a cutter.

9. Fold the edges of the cut page inward and glue them.

10. Create small origami boxes, if desired. What create small compartments for your jewelry.


And There you go ! You have recycled an old book into a wonder box. The best way to keep your secrets is not always to lock them up, but rather to hide them! A tutorial that will please young and old alike. And if you have many things to hide, create a whole collection of trompe l'oeil books. These boxes will occupy the space of your library in a discreet and elegant way. It's your turn ! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your trompe l'oeil boxes via our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!