7 things to do before spring

7 things to do before spring

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The last few weeks of winter seem endless every year. Even if the days slowly lengthen, more and more victims of winter depression are deplored between January and February. However, it's time to make the most of these little winter pleasures that make life sweet. Quick, in spring, it will be too late!

1. Slipping under a plaid with a hot water bottle

It's cold outside ? So much the better, it's the best time to rediscover the happiness that a simple hot water bottle can provide. We choose it in wool or very soft fleece, we filled it with hot water, and we immerse ourselves under the duvet or between the cushions of the sofa by placing it on the belly. With a good book or his favorite series, it's happiness.

Happiness is as simple as a hot water bottle and a cup of tea

2. Prepare a real hot chocolate

If in February you have not yet prepared your homemade hot chocolate, it is absolutely time to get started! Slowly cook a few chocolate squares in the pan, then add the milk and stir with a whisk until boiling. A treat so comforting that one could almost hope that winter never ends.

The recipe for banana hot chocolate is here

3. Toast the marshmallows in the chimney

On a rainy Sunday in February, if morale is in free fall and the children are keen to stay inside, organize a snack in front of the fireplace with marshmallows to grill! And you don't have a chimney, don't panic, bake a few chestnuts in the oven or start making pancakes, the result will be just as festive.

Long live winter!

4. Make a raclette or fondue evening

To feel on vacation despite the pile of files that accumulates on your desk in February, why not organize a raclette party with friends? Everyone brings a little cheese and cold meats, we heat the device, and we relax! To vary the pleasures and limit the depression of the extra pounds, you can also replace the potatoes with broccoli, mushrooms and carrots, it works too.

In April, it will be too late!

5. Organize a spa session at home

At the end of winter, the cold put a strain on the skin and morale and it's time to pamper yourself. Head to the bathroom for a real spa session with a hot bath with essential oils, aromatherapy, exfoliation, facials and self-massage ... Two hours later, morale had to be soared.

A real spa session… at home.

6. Learn about the Hyddge

To learn to enjoy the little pleasures of winter, it is better to know how to trust the specialists. Plunged into a polar night for several months, the Danes have become international experts in the art of living in cold weather. So we steal all their good ideas by practicing the "Hyddge" from morning to evening. In other words, you light the candles, prepare cakes and go under your blanket with a good hot tea.

Hyddge principle n ° 1: light candles

7. Reconnect with nature

In February, the great autumn walks are already far away and the lack of nature is felt. To remedy this, we cultivate a winter garden in front of our window, we grow hyacinth bulbs in vases, we start planting flowers and tomatoes in our kitchen and we offer a bouquet of buttercups or anemones. And to convince yourself that wintering is coming to an end, we go for a walk in the cold with a thermos bottle in the bag ... before going back to dive under the duvet!

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