Tutorial: making a decorative air humidifier

Tutorial: making a decorative air humidifier

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The colder it is outside, the more the radiator thermostats are increased. Result: the air dries up and small annoyances occur. Dusts are more volatile, our asthma or allergies return, our skin dries up… So how do we maintain a healthy humidity level at home? By making an efficient and decorative air humidifier!


- copper or brass-colored wire - beads - glass test tubes - wire cutters - pliers

Time: 1 hour Budget: 30 euros


1. Start by sliding a bead into the wire and create a spiral with the wire.

2. Wind the wire around a test tube using the spiral formed to hold it. You can drag a few beads to decorate.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each test tube.

4. Assemble the tubes together by winding the wires, to align the tubes and hold them securely. Take care to leave enough space between each tube, depending on the shape of your radiator.

5. Twist the remaining wires on both ends to solidify the assembly. Leave at least 5cm of wire on each side, to easily hang your humidifier.

6. Place your air humidifier on a radiator. Twist the two ends to slide them into the holes and hold the assembly securely. Then pour water into each of the tubes.


And here is a homemade and custom air humidifier, which will have nothing to envy to those of the trade. More chic than plastic, you can vary the color of the wire and beads or the number of tubes to match the decoration and the needs of each room. You can easily see the water level to know when to add it. Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your DIY air humidifiers via our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!