5 grandmother tips for cleaning your toilet

5 grandmother tips for cleaning your toilet

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They are the kings of what some call "clean filth": our toilets. Whatever you do, the bottom of the bowl will scale and quickly turn brown. Sometimes it seems impossible to get rid of it other than using elbow grease for hours on end without ever getting the perfect result. Exit the ultra powerful detergents that we buy in supermarkets at a great price, here are 5 great grandmother tips for you that will save your toilet.

Tip # 1: white vinegar

The cleaning properties of white vinegar are no longer to be proven. To clean your WC, heat white vinegar with which you will wet coarse salt. Generously spread this preparation on the walls of your toilet and leave it on overnight. The next morning, scrape off the residue with a spatula. Your toilets should be clean.

Tip # 2: citric acid

Fully biodegradable, citric acid is often used to dissolve rust and lime. Heat half a liter of water to which you add four tablespoons of citric acid. With gloves, use the mixture to clean your toilet with a brush.

Tip # 3: hydrochloric acid

Please note, this tip is not valid if your toilet is connected to a septic tank. It is not the most ecological solution but certainly the most radical. Easy to find in DIY stores, hydrochloric acid is also very economical and easy to use. Pour a glass of acid in your toilet bowl and let it sit for at least 1 hour. Flush and rub lightly. All the limestone should be gone. If this is not enough, let the acid sit overnight.

Tip # 4: baking soda

It is the magic element of any self-respecting fairy. The baking soda swells your cakes, masks the bad odors of your garbage cans, softens the laundry and ... gets rid of the lime encrusted in the bottom of the bowl of your toilet. Mix three tablespoons of this magic powder with a glass of white vinegar and rub with a stiff brush (beware, it will foam!).

Tip N ° 5: the descaler for coffee makers

It is the great unsuspected. But after all, if the descaler on your coffee maker works, why wouldn't it descale the toilet bowl? Line the bowl with toilet paper that you sprinkle with product. Let sit for a good five hours then flush the toilet.