How to make an original headboard for the child's bedroom

How to make an original headboard for the child's bedroom

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You have looked after his wardrobe, created a tailor-made corner with his favorite comforters, designed a wall decoration worthy of magazines… it would be so much to pamper your little nest, in other words, the dodo space! To offer him a single bed, suitable for sweet dreams but also for the prettiest games and inventions, no need to sacrifice the budget of the whole tribe. Here are some inspirations to customize and transform it in the blink of an eye!

The painting

A brushstroke and presto! Using masking tape to stick to the wall, draw geometric shapes as desired. It can be a triangle - or several to give the illusion of mountains - circles, a rectangle ... More poetic, you can draw a huge cloud. When you have defined the area with masking tape, paint the shape with the color you want.

Paint a board as a bed as it is fast and pretty!

The child's first name

In wool, knitting, or on wooden boards like a giant scrabble, hang your child's first name on the wall to personalize his headboard in the blink of an eye!

The string art

Do you know the principle? This creative technique consists in making a pattern or a word using nails, a hammer and a string… After having planted the nails on a wooden board, arranging them in such a way as to create the shape of your choice , join them by wrapping around the nails of the string (or wool). Admire the result of this technique which simply requires patience and dexterity.

In the Sioux world too, DIY is the solution for a single headboard!

The masking tape

You necessarily know. The masking tape is this colored or patterned scotch tape that lends itself to all fantasies. He is already the hero of children's rooms so why not use him to invent the headboard of their dreams? You can imagine it taking the form of a fortified castle, geometric shapes or skyscrapers.

The light garland

For fans of simplicity (who especially want to avoid getting into DIY), no problem! Rather bet on a garland of pennants or a light garland to hang on either side of the bed. Result a successful headboard effect in seconds!

The bed canopy

Usually the canopy is used to protect the lap of small cribs. But for an original headboard that gives our loustics the illusion of living in a fairy tale, you can always get it and fix it on the ceiling; it will then adapt to the bed of older children!

The sticker

We avoid having a heavy hand on the stickers that have known their heyday. However, to ensure the decoration of the child's room, they are more than tolerated! Why not divert a Castle, Tree or Hut sticker to stick it on the wall near the bed? There are a multitude of models.

Are you looking for the Maisons du monde canopy or the sticker signed Selene and Gaia?

The shack

For the most DIY enthusiasts, know that you will make your children happy by making a tailor-made headboard for a bed instantly transformed into a cabin. For this, OSB wood, excellent value for money, is popular! Again, you will find a series of inspiration on the Web before you start!


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