Tutorial: make a lunch bag or lunch bag to bring your dishes to the office

Tutorial: make a lunch bag or lunch bag to bring your dishes to the office

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This year, you have decided to pay attention to your diet! So, to eat a balanced diet, including at the office, we bring home-made meals. But how do you go about not spilling anything? Here is the tutorial of our lunch bag: the practical and washable lunch bag. Enough to take your boxes of Meal Prep, without any disaster!


- waxed canvas (you can recycle a tablecloth) - scraps of imitation leather - scissors - 50cm of flat elastic - a snap button - a ruler - a pencil - a sewing machine - pins

Time: 4h Budget: 30 euros


1. Trace then cut the pattern of the bag in your two fabrics. Remember to leave 1cm of seam allowance.

2. To hold the cutlery, sew in two straight bands of elastic on the place of the fabric which will be inside the bag.

3. Sew the first pattern starting by assembling the sides. Then sew the bottom in straight stitch.

4. Repeat to sew the second bag, which will be inside. Attention: the seams must be outside for this one!

5. Cut two strips of imitation leather 10cm wide and 40cm long.

6. Fold the strips in half and sew them in straight stitch.

7. Turn the two strips over on themselves to form the handles.

8. Sew the handles on the pocket forming the outside.

9. Place two snaps to close the bag. One on the outer pocket, the other on the flap of the inner pocket.

10. Stack the two pockets to form your bag.

11. Pin the edges of the two pockets to hold them together and form your lunch bag.

12. Sew in a straight stitch along the edge to finish the bag.


You are ready to bring your small dishes! This lunch bag can follow you everywhere, to transport your small dishes easily and without any risk. Personalize your bag according to your needs: vary the size, fabrics, patterns or even the fastener by replacing it with a button or a scratch. You can even make an insulated lunch bag by sewing a fleece pocket between the two fabrics. To your machines! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your lunch bag via our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!


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