We tested the new gardening boxes!

We tested the new gardening boxes!

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Notice to city dwellers, novice gardeners and all those who do not have a green thumb! If you've never sown seeds in your life but you want to grow your own plants, the solution is in the box! The box ? Yes, these new gardening boxes that arrive directly in your mailbox and contain both seeds, tips and accessories for gardening. Attempted ? We tell you everything about these boxes that facilitate gardening!

The Hortus Focus box, a gardening box for refined city dwellers

Passionate about gardening, Isabelle Vauconsant and Isabelle Morand launched in November 2016 their start-up, Hortus Focus, to allow city dwellers to cultivate their little corner of greenery without taking the lead. Available individually or by subscription (monthly or quarterly), the Hortus Boxes offer an assortment of organic seeds and gardening accessories, all accompanied by an educational booklet that makes you want to get started right away! In the "Crunchy Crunchy" box, 23.5 x 24 cm cardboard box, we have the pleasure of discovering: * three sachets of organic seeds (Organic semen): Milan turnips, Cretan mixed greens, 18-day radishes . * a mini-greenhouse with its small bag of compressed potting soil ready for use. * a plastic seed drill (Nortene brand, diameter 6 cm). * a 12-page booklet, colorful and educational, to learn all about spring vegetables, seedlings of mixed greens, radishes and turnips. As a bonus, a recipe for rice leaf rolls and the mini greenhouse instructions. Examples of boxes: Hortus Focus offers both boxes for adults and for children. By the unit, we love the boxes "Happy tomatoes", "Flower meadows", "Detox" (to sow before making your own herbal teas), "Love, love, love" (with a Hoya kerrii) or even "Orchids" (bulb, glass vase, vintage sprayer and chocolate bar). For budding gardeners, we love the "Butterflies", "Vegetables in celebration" and "Fantastic plants" boxes with a Jericho rose! WE love : At the opening of the box, accessories and small decorative gifts delight neophyte gardeners who do not necessarily fall in swoon in front of a bag of seeds. These small objects and the educational notebook really encourage you to learn about the joys of gardening. Price: € 20 per month for the child box, € 25 for the adult box and € 40 for the adult + child box.

Seeds, booklet and gifts!

The "Box to plant", for bohemian and responsible gardeners

In 2015, Julie and Quentin launched the "Box to plant" to support city dwellers who do not have a green thumb in growing their own organic seeds. Their creed? Gardening without taking the cabbage! Intended for beginners and amateurs, their box contains sachets of seeds from organic farming. And no need to have a vegetable garden, they are selected so that they can be planted on any balcony… The "Box to plant" offers one box per season, which includes each time 5 sachets of organic seeds, a full manual tips and good ideas to get started ... and a little surprise as a bonus gift. The box of spring 2017: this spring, the subscribers of the "Box to plant" had the pleasure of discovering in a box of 23 x 15 cm: * 5 sachets of organic seeds of Major dwarf nasturtium, red arroche, Genovese basil, Azur Star kohlrabi and "Langue de feu" bean. * an 18-page manual in recycled paper with growing tips, gourmet recipes (basil-coconut ice cream and lime!), and even a DIY lantern in a canned can! * a "seed shaman" of the Miwitipee brand: this small wooden accessory is planted directly in the ground to protect its plantations. Examples of boxes: "No salad between us" (yellow pear tomato, Schmitt chives, Lollo Rossa cut lettuce, cut celery, licorice mint), "Asian nuances" (wild poppy, dwarf Rondo peas, chive spring onion, mizuna, turnip yellow gold ball), "Autumn Box" (Chicory Palla Rossa, giant Italian parsley, cultivated arugula, winter giant spinach, cornflower Centaurea cyanus), "Summer Box" (golden purslane, eggplant white egg round, Chioggia beet, dwarf marigold, officinal sage). WE love : In addition to subscriptions, the "Box to plant" also offers irresistible gardening boxes in its online store, such as "100% organic aperitif made in my home", "Flower Power" or "My little herb shop". Great gift ideas! Price: from € 14.75 per season, or € 15.90 per unit.

Simply beautiful ... and eco-friendly.

The "Graines d'artistes" box, a box to start sowing

If it is also intended for beginners, the "Seeds of artists" box will equally appeal to gardeners confirmed by its generosity and the quality of the seeds offered. And for good reason, the idea of ​​this box germinated two years ago within the centenary company Graines Bocquet, which offers since 1870 more than 350 references whose excellent germinative quality is recognized by experienced gardeners. All sold individually, thematic and monthly boxes will appeal to owners of gardens and vegetable gardens who want to embark on the adventure of sowing! By opening the "Graines d'artistes" box from, we discover: * 6 sachets of Bocquet seeds: annual alysse silver basket, varied day beauty, dwarf nasturtium empress of India, cute dwarf dahlia varied, julienne from Varied Mahon, Varied Double Chinese Carnation. * a plastic seed drill, diameter 7 cm. * 6 pretty little glass vials with a cork stopper to store its seeds. * 6 white self-adhesive labels to attach to the vials. * 4 wooden labels to plant. * 1 roll of natural rafia (50 g). Examples of boxes: These are presented in three categories, thematic boxes (aromatic, organic, aperitif cocktail, detox, children, planters and balconies, old vegetables, original vegetables, exotic, ratatouille, soup and even green smoothie!), Monthly floral boxes and the monthly vegetable boxes. WE love : The "I compose my box" tool allows you to create a personalized vegetable box with quality seeds. A fun service to sow your vegetable garden with your eyes closed! Price: between 22 and 25 euros approximately.

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