Can you recognize these 7 field flowers?

Can you recognize these 7 field flowers?

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On roadsides and embankments, in meadows and public gardens and even in the smallest corners of cities and parking lots, these wild flowers are just waiting to grow without the help of any gardener. If they are common, these wild flowers are no less fascinating. Do you know them ?

My Latin name: Taraxacum officinale

I am a yellow flower that grows all over the world. The children adore me and they sow me with all the wind. Nicknamed "dendelion" in popular parlance, I am edible and my leaves are eaten in salads. For more than a thousand years, I have been used in pharmacopoeia to treat various ailments, from loss of appetite to hepatitis. They also say that I am a diuretic and that with me, you will be sure to pee in bed ... I am the ... Dandelion !

Edible, I grow everywhere. Who am I ?

My Latin name: Cyanus segetum Hill

I'm so blue that that's what people recognize me for. If it was common to meet me in a grain field, I unfortunately become more and more rare in modern cultures. Nicknamed "Zacharie Flower" or "Barbeau", I am used in floral water to treat tired eyes and conjunctivitis. Worn in a buttonhole by veterans, I am a symbol of remembrance. I am the… cornflower !

I take care of your eyes ... Who am I?

My Latin name: La Malva sylvestris

I grow in meadows and vacant lots from April to August, and that does not prevent me from reaching more than a meter in height sometimes. My flowers, of a magnificent color which gave me its name, are rich in vitamin C and the Romans already lent me many virtues. I'm here… Mauve !

Wild and elegant, who am I?

My Latin name: Papaver rhoeas

I owe my name to the rooster because it is said that its red crest looks like me. As beautiful as a haute couture dress, I am a wild flower that cannot stand being picked and does not last a second in a vase. If I am a poppy, drug traffickers have little interest in me and they prefer to taste me in candy, syrup or liqueur. Very often painted by Monet, I disappeared from the fields because of chemical treatments but I reappear quickly as soon as they are replaced by solutions that respect the environment. I am the… Poppy ! Cock-a-doodle Doo !

Do not try to pick me ... Who am I?

My Latin name: Ranunculus acri

I am a flower of the fields of a beautiful lemon yellow. Children love to crush me against their chin to smear themselves with my pollen and I am often called "butter flower". Attention, I am toxic, do not spread me on a slice of bread! From the same family as the buttercup of florists, I am however totally wild and much smaller. I am the… Gold button !

They call me "frog". Who am I ?

My Latin name: Bellis perennis

If I have the reputation of flowering at Easter, I am nevertheless essential from the beginning of spring to the end of autumn. If you look down, you will find me in the lawn and between the tall grass. Most often white, I sometimes wear my pink clothes, but my heart remains yellow. In herbal medicine, I am precious in the fight against hypertension, otherwise I make hearts beat by playing "I love you, a little, a lot, passionately, madly, not at all!" I'm here… Daisy !

If you are at my level, this is not a good sign. Who am I ?

My Latin name: La Trifolium repens L

You could take me for a daisy, which would be a big mistake. Look at my long hairy and branched stems, smell my perfume, it doesn't remind you of anything? I am the star of grandmother's teas and the idol of bohemian brides. I also go into the composition of shampoos for blonde hair and my essential oil has many virtues. I'm here… Chamomile !

I make very beautiful bridal bouquets, who am I?


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