5 bright ideas for a small windowless bathroom

5 bright ideas for a small windowless bathroom

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In town, it often happens that the apartments do not have a bathroom with window, but this can also be the case for some country houses. You do not have the possibility or the desire to embark on long and expensive renovations and restructuring? That's good ! Whether you are alone or accompanied by an interior designer, you can easily bring brightness into this room and thus enlarge it visually. How? 'Or' What ? Let yourself be inspired by our simple tips and decor ideas for windowless bathrooms!

  1. A large mirror to enlarge the room
  2. A few plants to bring some life to the bathroom
  3. A carefully chosen palette of light colors
  4. The right dose of artificial lighting
  5. The little decorative touches that make all the difference

We dare the color but not in total look!

A large mirror to enlarge the room

Mirrors are a simple and inexpensive way to visually enlarge your room while adding brightness. Very trendy this year, the large round mirrors with a minimalist look, that is to say without a frame, adapt particularly well to a mid-century decor, refined or industrial. They also have the advantage of softening a room with strong right angles or a very present decoration. Do you have a very small bathroom and think that a large mirror would take up too much space? Think again ! It is often the only real decorative element in a small bathroom, where space must absolutely be optimized. It is therefore the element to privilege if you want to bring a touch of originality in this room. Choose a strong mirror so that your small windowless bathroom looks great! In terms of bathroom layout too, treat yourself. Do not confine this clever and essential decorative element to your vanity unit, but also install it in other parts of your room. For example, have you thought about using the often unused space of your door? You could install a large wall-mounted mirror, very practical to open the room visually and to dress when you get out of the shower. If it goes well with the rest of your decor, you can choose it in an industrial style, with a metal surround. You could then repaint your door in black and thus create a false canopy in trompe l'oeil. Your room will only look bigger!

We dare the big mirror in a small bathroom.

A few plants to bring some life to the bathroom

Do you think your green plants will be doomed if you install them in your windowless bathroom? Then opt for plants that can survive in low light. Among the plants already well present in our interiors, ivy, misery, aspidistra and even pilea will be able to adapt to rooms receiving very little natural light. Remember to leave the door of your bathroom open during the day, to ensure a minimum of light for your plants, and give them time to gradually adapt to their new environment. Their adaptation also depends on the humidity level of your room and their watering which will certainly be adjusted in relation to a sunnier location. Do not hesitate to make a few tests before their final move, and at the slightest sign of suffering, bring them back to their original part.

© Etsy / Roselia Garden

A carefully chosen palette of light colors

If you are looking to visually enlarge the space of a bathroom without natural light, it is best to favor light colors for tiles, furniture and walls. White, off-white, light gray and pastel colors for walls and tiles, and for furniture in white or light wood. Even if these colors seem very close to each other, however, remain attentive to unfortunate associations. The so-called neutral tones actually include tiny shades of red, yellow or blue which will marvelously combine with more vivid tones from the same family. So start by choosing your range of neutrals before focusing on the decor details of your room. Neutral tones based on gray will give a more contemporary style to your bathroom, while neutral tones based on yellow are more associated with a traditional decor. Once this basic palette is well defined, do not hesitate to decorate it with a few touches of more vivid colors: yellow, pink or green will thus bring a little cheerfulness and pep to your small bathroom!

Clear or pastel colors to enlarge the space.

The right dose of artificial lighting

Having good lighting in the bathroom is essential! A bathroom requires more than 500 lux per square meter. So choose your lights and bulbs based on this criterion, the lighting should be neither too hot nor too cold. Use neutral white lighting of more than 4,000 Kelvin. For general lighting, it is essential to have a ceiling light or spotlights. Also equip yourself with precision lighting by placing spotlights or sconces above or next to your mirror. There are also mirrors with integrated lighting, but they are more expensive than simple mirrors. Also think of candles for a 100% wellness decoration. In this case, favor candles with natural wax (soy, rapeseed or beeswax ...) rather than paraffin candles. A bathroom without window benefiting from a reduced ventilation, it is indeed advisable to prefer candles emitting the weakest and least harmful smoke possible. Finally, do not skimp on the design of your ceiling lights and your sconces: like the mirror, they are a decorative piece that can sometimes give all its character to a small bathroom. Just avoid overly large overhead lights, which could create an unpleasant feeling of confinement.

Having good lighting is essential!

The little decorative touches that make all the difference

Whether you have a shower or a bathtub, say goodbye to the shower curtain! Opt instead for the shower screen or the bath screen. This solution will certainly expand the space and will also be simple to install and clean. Be aware that there are even adhesive versions, which are easy to install and do not require drilling holes in your wall. To play on perspective and give a personality to this blind piece, we focus on geometric patterns. Whether on small decor, such as the shower screen, the carpet, a table or even on a whole section of wall upholstered or tiled, the geometric patterns can transform a small bathroom without window into a real bathroom modern! What if you turned this absence of windows into a real element of your decoration? Think of the hammams: they are places of hygiene and relaxation par excellence, to which no one would imagine blaming their lack of windows. Another development strategy would therefore be to take inspiration from these oriental places and fully assume this characteristic of your bathroom. Choose ocher shades, a very sober mineral decoration, take your towels out of your cupboards and display them on your shelves next to pretty candles… Relaxation guaranteed! What style will you favor for your small windowless bathroom? Tell us everything and don't hesitate to share with us photos of your decorating projects!

The geometric tiles contrast and give character.


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